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  1. Thank you for your interest in the 9th Special Forces Group. At this time your application has been reviewed. To continue in the enlistment process, you must talk to a Recruiter. Please join our discord & teamspeak and a Recruiter will be in contact shortly. Discord: Teamspeak: Thanks, S-1 Recruiting
  2. Training provided by S-7 Training! Training Courses every Thursday at 2000 EST!
  3. Every Thursday and Saturday at 2000 EST!
  4. Army Special Forces represents the premier Department of Defense force designed to conduct special warfare. Where : 9th SFG Training Map Time : 19:00 Eastern
  5. until
    Every Sunday at 1700 EST (5PM) Equipment: Normal Operations Gear Server: Server 1 // Training Server Location: ODA 9121 Atlas Barracks
  6. Weekly H&M patrol for those who can't get enough of ArmA!
  9. I believe this was answered on discord, but you ACE interact with the box outside on your barracks. Default button is Windows Key