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  1. Application View Application Status Aero Honor Submitted 09/06/2021 06:22 PM Name Aero Honor Email Timezone America/Indiana/Indianapolis Country United States Additional Application Fields Age: 25 Steam Profile: Discord Name: Aero Honor 7878 Do you own the ArmA III "Apex" DLC? Yes Are you able to attend Operations every Sunday at 1900 (7:00 PM) Eastern Standard Time? Yes How many hours do you have in-game? More than 1000 Preferred Unit: Support (Zeus, Administration) Have you been apart of a Milsim unit on ArmA III before? If so please list them below. i have been in multiple since Arma 2. Explain what being a member of a team means to you. I like to have fun and help ensure others around me get the same experience. Why do you want to join the 9th Special Forces Milsim Unit? Looked interesting and like what I see so far. How did you hear about us? Steam forums