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Vcom 3.4 Update Changes

-AI will clear buildings more aggressively

-New AI movement system

-Added support for enhanced movement. AI can utilize enhanced movement to move around the battlefield

-AI will utilize smoke grenades and frag grenades more often

-Drastically improved AI debug information

-AI will heal themselves more often. AI medics will heal teammates who do not have medikits/fac's

-Experimental driving update - helps AI avoid collisions and attempts to stop them from running over friendlies

-Improved sniper AI

-AI use static weapons more effectively

-Artillery has been re-worked. They will have to bracket enemies in.

-AI skills can all be modified via CBA now

-Added new CBA/config options

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This would be for any helocasting done in the future, this mod is excellent and hardly any bugs with the action that we would more less use it for. TESTING STILL NEEDED

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